Thank you for joining us for the 2024 Orange Park Acres 5k! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Top Male Overall Grant Sweningson (20-39 years)
Top Female Overall Kiyomi Fuentes (11-12 years)

Congratulations one and all!!!


0-10 years
1 Sophia Braun
2 Juliet Siapin
3 Carla del Amo

11-12 years
1 Kiyomi Fuentes
2 Lauren Cherry
3 Isabella Cortez

13-14 years
1 Catherine Ertel
2 Rachel Tangredi
3 Kate Bremmer

15-19 years
1 Anneliese Watrous
2 Ruby Casey
3 Bailey Bridgman

20-29 years
1 Abagail Stadtlander
2 Sara Bridgman
3 Natalie Astor

40-59 years
1 Jenni Johnson
2 Julie Ertel
3 Linh Ho

60-99 years
1 Thea Gavin
2 Deborah Scott
3 Jodi Ristrom


0-10 years
1 Samuel Weinraub
2 Brady Scigliano
3 Levi Miner

11-12 years
1 Adrian del Amo
2 Levi Sanchez
3 Nolan Uniack

13-14 years
1 Samuel Cortez
2 Aaron Chen
3 Tripp Gomes

15-19 years
1 Jackson Schaller
2 Nicholas Kendall
3 Cash Sebestywn

20-29 years
1 Grant Sweningson
2 Garrett Miller
3 Kade Franco

40-59 years
1 Jim Johnson
2 Victor Rodriguez
3 Michael Faraj

60-99 years
1 Craig Hogetts
2 Brian Lassiter
3 Greg Bard

Course Map 2024!

Orange Park Acres 5k

Spread the word and tag your running buddies and mark your calendars for 2025. The Orange County Park Acres 5k is back and we’re ready to hit the pavement with a renewed spirit of community, health, and celebration.

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A Jubilant Start
STart of the top july 4 5k orange county event

5k Run / Walk Event

START: 7:30am – 8:45am

Imagine a sea of runners, each step echoing the collective heartbeat of the community.


Immediately following the RUN/WALK

Celebrate your victory with cheers, post event parade, and a community that’s thrilled to be back together.

The Comeback Run/Walk: Orange County Park Acres 5k

In 2019 our running shoes were laced, our spirits were high, but the race was halted by an unexpected plot twist called Covid 19. Fast forward to 2024 and we reclaimed our streets, one stride at a time.

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